Cary R. Singletary, Esq.

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Tampa, Fl 33606

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(Practice Limited to Serving as Mediator, Arbitrator and Trainer)



Current Employer

Cary R. Singletary, P. A.



Mediator, Arbitrator, Trainer (Member of the Florida Bar), Mediator in Tampa



University of Tampa(BS-1968, (Business Administration);Rollins College (Crummer School of Business, (Business Management) (MCS-1970);Stetson University,College of Law, (JD-1973).



Admitted to the Bar:Florida, 1973;U.S.District Court, Middle District ofFlorida, 1973;U.S.Supreme Court (1988);Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil and County Court Mediator, 1989.


Work History

Yanger & Singletary, P.A. 1973-82: Cary R. Singletary, P.A., 1982-present; Director, Labor Arbitration Services, Inc., 1980-present; Adjunct Professor, Distinguished Professorial Lecturer, Director of Center for Dispute Resolution, Stetson University, College of Law, 1984-02.


Professional Associations

The Florida Bar (Labor and Employment Law Section, Past Chair); The Hillsborough County Bar Association (Dispute Resolution Section, Past Chair); The Florida Academy of Professional Mediators,National Academy Distinguished Neutrals, American Arbitration Association (Commercial, Employment & Large Complex Case Panels).


Alternative Dispute Resolution Training

AAA Maximizing Efficiency & Economy in Arbitration: Challenges at the Preliminary Hearing, 2011; Faculty, AAA/ICDR Neutrals Conference, 2010; National Academy of Arbitrators, Annual Meeting of National Academy of Arbitrators, S.E. Region: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007; Supreme Court of Florida, Dispute Resolution Center, Approved Arbitration Training, 2007; Supreme Court of Florida, Dispute Resolution Center, 16th Annual Conference for Mediators and Arbitrators, 2007; National Academy of Arbitrators, Fall Education Conference, 2007; AAA Pro Se: Managing Cases Involving Self-Represented Parties (ACE002), 2005; AAA Chairing an Arbitration Panel: Managing Procedures, Process & Dynamics (ACE005), 2005; Advanced Mediator Skills for Court-Based Settlement Programs, 2005; AAA Arbitrator Ethics & Disclosure (ACE003), 2005; LAB001 – Labor Arbitrator I, 2005; AAA Dealing With Delay Tactics in Arbitration (ACE004), 2005; AAA Neutrals Conference, 2004; AAA Annual Arbitrator Update, 2001, 2004; AAA Arbitration Awards: Safeguarding, Deciding & Writing Awards (ACE001), 2003; AAA Employment Arbitrator II Training: Advanced Case Management Issues, 2002; AAA Commercial Arbitrator Training, 1998; AAA Employment Arbitrator Training, 1997; Florida Supreme Court, Approved Course for Court Arbitrators (1988); Florida Supreme Court Circuit Civil and County Court Mediation Training (1988); various other ADR training.



Co-author, “What Attorneys and Their Clients Want Most from Mediators,” DISPUTE RESOLUTION JOURNAL, American Arbitration Association, Feb-April 2011; “High Court Boosts Arbitration in Buckeye,” DISPUTE RESOLUTION JOURNAL, American Arbitration Association, May-July, 2006; “Florida’s New Mediation Confidentiality and Privilege Act; What the Litigator Needs to Know,” THE CHECK OFF, The Florida Bar, vol. XLIV, no. 2, April-May 2005; “Voluntary Trial Resolution: A New Dispute Resolution Process in Florida,” THE CHECK OFF, The Florida Bar, vol. XXX, no. 4, July 2000; “High Court Reads FAA Venue Broadly,” ADR CURRENTS, AAA, June 2000; “The Expanding Scope of Judicial Review of Statutory Employment Arbitration Awards,” THE CHECK OFF, The Florida Bar, vol. XXIX, no. 3, March 1998; “Successful Employment Mediation: Ten Employer Traps to Avoid,” H.R. ADVISOR, December 1996; “Securing a Durable Settlement Agreement in Employment Disputes,” 46 LABOR LAW JOURNAL 223, 1995; “Mediation of Employment Discrimination Claims: The Win-Win ADR Option,” 45 LABOR LAW JOURNAL 388, 1994.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Experience


Mediator Experience

Business contracts, class action claims, personal injury, wrongful death, insurance bad faith claims, medical malpractice, employment contracts, non-compete contracts, business buy-sell agreements, partnership agreements, real estate buy-sell agreements, breach of warranty, products liability, Magnusson-Moss, consumer claims, home construction, architectural malpractice, legal malpractice, will contests, Federal Tort Claims Act, consumer debt, mortgage foreclosure, sales commissions, life insurance, nursing home abuse, sex abuse of minors, consumer fraud, elevator and escalator claims, health insurance claims, bad faith insurance claims against insurance companies, insurance subrogation claims, bonus – compensation claims, wrongful discharge, whistleblower, Employment Retirement Income Security Act, Family Medical leave Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Americans with Disabilities Act; Equal Pay Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Civil Rights Enforcement Acts, Sections 1981 and 1983, Pregnancy Discrimination Act, Title VII employment discrimination claims including race, color, sex, sexual harassment, religion, national origin, whistleblower, labor-management disputes, collective bargaining impasse, union grievances.



Arbitrator Experience (Civil Disputes) 

Employment contracts, business contracts, limited liability corporation disputes, life insurance, products liability, non-compete contracts, change in control agreements, stock option agreements, partnership agreements, buy-sell agreements, real estate contracts, property insurance claims, consulting contracts,  wrongful possession of proprietary and confidential records, bad faith insurance claim, severance pay, unpaid wages, employment discrimination, retaliation claims, Fair Labor Standards Act, Family Medical Leave Act, Florida Civil Rights Act of 1972,  whistleblower, sex  sexal harassment, national origin discrimination, religious discrimination, age discrimination, race discrimination, workers compensation retaliation, personal injury, and common law torts.


Arbitrator Experience (Labor-Management Disputes)

Discipline, discharge, suspension, work schedules, contract interpretation, reduction in force, pay disputes, drugs, sleeping on duty, theft, conduct unbecoming, excessive use of force, sexual harassment,  damage to customer’s property, violation of rules, insubordination, unsatisfactory performance, failure to promote, leaving work without permission, misuse of employer’s property, compulsory leave, failure to bargain, falsification of paperwork, vacation vesting, last chance agreements, and substance abuse policies.



Primary Trainer, Circuit Civil Mediation Certification Training,Florida Supreme Court,Univ. ofSo.Fla., Conflict Resolution Consortium,Tampa,Fla., 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007; Labor Arbitration Advocacy Training Course, Labor Arbitration Services, Inc., Clearwater, Fla., 2013-1980;  “Boot Camp Negotiation Training for Medical Students,” Univ. ofSo.Fla., Medical School, 2011; AAA Neutrals Conference ‘What Attorneys and Their Clients want Most from Mediators, 2010;  Maritime Arbitrator Training, Maritime Arbitration Association of the United States, Sanibel Fla., 2007; Florida Supreme Court Arbitrator Training for Court Appointed Arbitrators, Florida Dispute Resolution Center, Orlando, Fla., 2007; Arbitrator Training for Florida’s New Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board, Orlando, Fla., Attorney General of Florida, 2007; “Investigate, Mediate and Litigate,” Hillsborough County Bar Association CLE, Tampa, 2007; The Search for Truth: How Arbitrators Determine Witness Credibility, National Academy of Arbitrators, 2007; “Employment Arbitration: From Deciding to Arbitrate to Challenging the Award,” The Florida Bar CLE, Plantation, Fla., 2006; Certified Arbitrator Training, The Florida Supreme Court, Dispute Resolution Center, Orlando, Fla., 2006; “Presenting an Effective Arbitration Case,” Florida Labor Management Conference, St. Petersburg, Fla., 2006; Alabama Arbitrator Training Course, Supreme Court of Alabama, Dispute Resolution Center, Montgomery, Ala., 2006; “Advanced Labor Topics,” The Florida Bar CLE, Ponte Verde Beach, Fla., 2006; “Employment Arbitration: What Works and What Doesn’t,” Hillsborough County Bar Association CLE, Tampa, Fla., 2006; Advanced Mediator Training for Court Based Settlement Programs, American Arbitration Association, Tampa, Fla., 2005; “Negotiating and Mediating Employment Disputes,” Conflict Resolution Collaborative, Univ. of So. Fla., Tampa, Fla., 2005; “Proposed changes to Mediator Certification,” Hillsborough County Bar Association CLE, Tampa, Fla., 2005; Alabama Arbitrator Training Resolution Center, Orlando, Fla., 2005; “What Lawyers Do Right and What Lawyers Do Wrong in Mediation,” The Florida Bar CLE, Duck Key, Fla., 2004; “Advanced Mediator Training for Court Based Programs,” American Arbitration Association, Tallahassee, Fla., 2004; “Getting All the Players Into the Game: Coaching Skills for the Mediator,” Florida Supreme Court, Dispute Resolution Center, Orlando, Fla., 2004; “Trial Skills and Techniques: Becoming a Champion Litigator,” Stetson College of Law & The Florida Bar CLE, St. Petersburg, Fla., 2004; “Arbitration and Voluntary Trial Resolution: Practical Tips and Lessons Learned,” Hillsborough County Bar Association CLE., Tampa, Fla., 2004; “Alternative Dispute Resolution in Labor and Employment Law,” Hillsborough County Bar Association CLE, Tampa, Fla., 2004; “Jury Trial Simulations and Their Use for Juror Selection,” Lomar Education Service, Tampa, Fla., 2003.


Language: English